I am a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. I have two albums out under the name This Flame I Carry. My music is somewhat of a cross between folk, jazz and progressive metal. I'm influenced by artists as varied as José González, Meshuggah, João Gilberto, Tool, Gillian Welch and Bonobo. My lyrics explore spirituality, transitions, youthful ideals and saturnine realizations. 




I have published one book of 75 poems, titled The Winter of My Mind. The book was a product of my formative years spent in Montréal and the West Coast.

From the back cover:

Here is an arc of poetry that courageously weaves sacred masculinity and the natural world, re-visioning beauty, loss, initiation and lust. The noble warrior tradition of poetics is animated vulnerably, outrageously, and at times, with intense and passionate venom - an exacting and transformative journey into the deep waters of human experience.