I offer personalized sessions of varying lengths and types, depending on each individual's unique focus. If you've never had an astrology consultation before, please select the first option, or take advantage of my free 20 minute introductory session. Clients familiar with their chart may choose any session they wish. To find out more about my story and my astrological approach, go here.


Opening Session - 60 or 90 minutes

In this initial meeting we will discuss your current experience of life as it relates to your natal birth chart. This is not simply a one-way summation of your chart features. Instead we will have a two-way dialogue about your current challenges and desires, working together to better understand how your individual chart can clarify your next step. This session is for first-time clients and for those completely new to astrology.


Continuing Session - 60 or 90 minutes

For pre-existing clients of Apex. We will work together on a specific issue or challenge you are facing and use your natal chart to direct our exploration. This session is particularly useful if you have a goal you are working on or set of changes you would like to make over a upcoming period of time, as we will be able to strategize your next moves and synchronize them with the astrological patterns currently in place.


Astrocartography Session - 45 to 60 minutes

Recommended for return clients seeking specific advice on an upcoming move, or those considering changing locations. In this specialized meeting we will discuss specific locations on earth that are best suited to the achievement of your goals. We will investigate your ideas, concerns andand align them with the cities and countries that support and assist you in meeting those objectives. 


Synastry Session - 60 to 90 Minutes

Synastry is astrology's word for "compatibility." Synastry is the comparing and combining of two unique charts to bring forth an understanding of a relationship. It can be done between two friends, lovers, business partners, companies, countries, or any combination of the above, so long as two accurate birth times are supplied. 

If you are seeking more clarity on the specific gifts, kinks, and roadblocks of a particular relationship, a synastry consultation will help immensely. We will unearth the "soul" of the relationship - the essence, purpose and mission of the connection. Synastry is especially beneficial for exploring why two people or entities should be together, and can indicate when a connection has run its course or is simply encountering a dip. 


Private tutoring Session - 60 minutes

I am available for private astrological tutoring for those wishing to advance their understanding of the technical workings of modern, psychological astrology. We will work from whatever basis of knowledge you may possess to further empower your own interpretation of natal charts. Your natural inclinations and curiosities will guide us - whatever you are most interested in we will explore. 

Available as one-off sessions or in packages of 4 at a reduced rate.