Andrea Drury   Creativity Coach  &  Musician

"In working with Noah, I was able to see different aspects of myself that I had never considered. In the past I've been skeptical of astrology, but his down-to-earth approach and presence made a strong impression on me. His depth of insight into the influence of archetypal patterns in my life has been profoundly transformational. I recommend him to anyone seeking greater clarity and purpose in life." 

  Ben Korta  Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator

Ben Korta
Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator

"Noah has a knack for bridging the 'micro with the macro' - for teasing out the meaning of personal events to show how they relate to broader life themes, patterns, and processes. His readings gave me a richer context with which to make sense of the questions I brought to him, and empowered me to take action with greater clarity and depth of insight. I appreciated his sensitivity to the many different facets of my life and personality, and I was greatly illuminated by the isolated threads he was able to identify and weave together into a more integrated whole."

  Pax Frias  Movement Coach @  Restore Human

Pax Frias
Movement Coach @ Restore Human

  Kristen Heffernan  Business Consultant & Yoga Teacher  

Kristen Heffernan
Business Consultant & Yoga Teacher

"Noah has been my go-to astrologer for years, not only giving me my initial glimpses in to my chart, but again and again supporting my understanding of the transitions over the years as the stars (and I) evolve and change. Noah does a great job of explaining otherwise complicated concepts in a very clear and comforting way. He allowed me the option of delving into specific areas of my chart, which provided me with the proper balanced perspective on my life. I highly recommend his services and will be booking a session with him again soon!"

"Noah is an astrologer like no other. I have been studying astrology since 1983, and I thought I had a comprehensive understanding of my natal chart. Noah addressed many things to which I had not even paid attention, and his insight and interpretation of my chart revealed another dimension of understanding myself. If you are considering utilizing his expertise, do not hesitate to book a will absolutely not regret it!" - PJ Butler