Intuitive Consulting
with Noah Cebuliak


Welcome to the Apex! My name is Noah Cebuliak. I am an intuitive consultant based on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. Using my depth of archetypal knowledge, intuitive ability and coaching skills, I work with people of all backgrounds toward clarity, focus and power in their lives.

I chose "Apex" for my practice because I believe these tools and the process of introspection they catalyze can literally guide us up the metaphorical peaks we are climbing in life. While straight-ahead problem solving is sometimes appropriate, I have found the potency of an oblique, right-brained approach to be just as profound. Sometimes you just need a different route up the mountain. I'm here to help you find your way.

I was introduced to astrology at age 12 by a family member, and picked up my first Tarot deck a year later. I developed my natural intuitive ability through reading for friends through high school and a series of fortunate psychical events. I have practiced with clients formally since 2007, utilizing a modern, archetypically-based synthesis of astrology and tarot that is heavily influenced by the work of C.G. Jung.

I am also a musician and writer. Click here to explore my other projects.

"My guide and I entered through that hidden path to make our way back into the shining world. And with no time for rest, we climbed upward - he first, I following - until, through a round opening, I saw those things of beauty that heaven holds. It was thence, at last, we came forth to see again the stars."

Dante, The Divine Comedy


Here are some potential results you could achieve through our work together:

  • A Sense Of Flow - Identifying the unique archetypal forces acting in your life will allow you to understand how to move with instead of against them. A feeling of "being in sync with life" is a natural result of strong intuitive consulting.

  • Increased Clarity - Clarifying your goals and priorities as symbols of a powerful personal story relieves you of confusion and doubt. Armed with these talismans, you can move forward with confidence.

  • Better Timing - Optimize your next steps and avoid costly mistakes by tweaking your plans just the right amount. Become a master of knowing the proper time to act, when to hold back, and where to move.

  • Improved Relationships - Drastically increase your self-awareness and compassion in relating to those closest to you. Understand your knee-jerk responses and typical relating habits from an archetypal viewpoint.

  • Resolution & Closure  - Review the arc and meaning of past and current events, seeing what's worth fighting for and what's not. Move forward with resolve, having integrated the lessons of the past and the key messages of today.

  • Feeling At Home - Choose the ideal locations on Earth for your personal mission. Experience greater harmony in your living situation and feel yourself arrive in your natural place.

  • Self-Empowerment & Autonomy - Explore your unique relationship to fate and free will. Develop fundamental confidence, respect and personal authority.

  • Humility & Grace - Gain a vital sense of your personal strengths and gifts. Take responsibility for your challenges and faults.



Astrology is an ancient tool that has been used by countless people over centuries to discover a hidden dimension of the psyche and better understand individual patterns, innate gifts, challenges and complexes.

Whatever peak you're scaling, my approach to modern astrology will empower you to actively pursue your potential, engage your archetypal nature, and eliminate countless blind spots.


Tarot is a symbolic system of divination of medieval origin. Having studied and used the Tarot for over 15 years, I am a gifted intuitive with this method.

Using the Tarot, I can assist you to untangle tough issues and empower you to make strategic next steps based on the symbolic language we uncover.



I've had the pleasure to consult with a myriad of wonderful people. Here's what some of them have said about our work together...


  Samantha Ferrari  Calgary, AB

Samantha Ferrari
Calgary, AB

Noah has been giving me tarot and astrology readings since 2007, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching his aptitude for the mediums increase tenfold over the last 11 years. He is clear, concise and reliable—countless predictions have been validated in my life after his readings. Whenever I have an important decision to make or a conundrum in my life, Noah is my go-to source for guidance. I recommend him to others regularly. It is no surprise to me that Noah has become successful as an intuitive consultant as his gifts were obvious to me from our very first reading back in 2007. I will be booking his services for life.

  Luke Loseth  Montréal, QC

Luke Loseth
Montréal, QC

  Ben Korta  Boston, MA

Ben Korta
Boston, MA

"Noah has a knack for bridging the 'micro with the macro' - for teasing out the meaning of personal events to show how they relate to broader life themes, patterns, and processes. His readings gave me a richer context with which to make sense of the questions I brought to him, and empowered me to take action with greater clarity and depth of insight. I appreciated his sensitivity to the many different facets of my life and personality, and I was greatly illuminated by the isolated threads he was able to identify and weave together into a more integrated whole."

  Andrea Drury  Nelson, BC

Andrea Drury
Nelson, BC

"In working with Noah, I was able to see different aspects of myself that I had never considered. In the past I've been skeptical of astrology, but his down-to-earth approach and presence made a strong impression on me. His depth of insight into the influence of archetypal patterns in my life has been profoundly transformational. I recommend him to anyone seeking greater clarity and purpose in life."

  Pax Frias  Vancouver, BC

Pax Frias
Vancouver, BC

  Kristen Heffernan  Calgary, AB

Kristen Heffernan Calgary, AB

"Noah has been my go-to astrologer for years, not only giving me my initial glimpses in to my chart, but again and again supporting my understanding of the transitions over the years as the stars (and I) evolve and change. Noah does a great job of explaining otherwise complicated concepts in a very clear and comforting way. He allowed me the option of delving into specific areas of my chart, which provided me with the proper balanced perspective on my life. I highly recommend his services and will be booking a session with him again soon!"

  PJ Butler  Pittsburgh, PA

PJ Butler
Pittsburgh, PA

"Noah is an astrologer like no other. I have been studying astrology since 1983, and I thought I had a comprehensive understanding of my natal chart. Noah addressed many things to which I had not even paid attention, and his insight and interpretation of my chart revealed another dimension of understanding myself. If you are considering utilizing his expertise, do not hesitate to book a reading....you will absolutely not regret it!"