"The Sun Path" - Exclusive Yearlong Coaching Package

"The Sun Path" - Exclusive Yearlong Coaching Package


Package of 12, 1hr+ Readings for a whole year - One Reading per month for 12 Months

The Sun Path is a powerful commitment to work 1-1 together for an entire year. We will meet once per month for 12 months, during which time we will work intensively to explore the archetypes, symbols, energy patterns and potentials in your life. We will follow the journey of the Sun and the other planets through your chart, and expand upon what we find there with in-depth Tarot readings designed to focus in on particular areas you want to transform.

Much like my other extended offering, “The Quarterly,” we will spend the first session diving deep into your goals, ideals and plans for the year ahead. We’ll look at your natal chart and unpack its’ major significations, getting you crystal clear on where you’re at and where you’ve been. We’ll talk extensively about where you want to go too - your big goals, your desires and obstacles. Then we’ll look at the transits to your natal chart and conduct a tarot reading to draw up a map to move toward those goals. We’ll close with some solid strategies, key dates, timing windows and further supporting practices for the coming 30 days before our next reading.

With each successive session, we’ll start by following up with where you’ve arrived at and what you’ve experienced over the previous 30 days. Then we’ll return to your chart and create a pivot strategy to take advantage of both what worked and what didn’t. We’ll also re-up with an update through the more intuitive reach of the cards. Each time, the goal will be to course correct in whatever small or large ways using your archetypal signatures as our guide.

Through this year of us working closely together, you will gain a profound advantage toward attaining your goals. You’ll establish an understanding of your chart that will empower you to work with it on a daily basis, learning to see changes and opportunities well in advance. And you’ll have the support of an intuitive and supportive coach as you reach toward a new apex.

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