"The Twin Flame" - Relationship Reading

"The Twin Flame" - Relationship Reading


60 Minute Relationship Combined Astrology & Tarot Reading - Two Natal Charts

Synastry is astrology's word for "relationship astrology." Synastry is the comparing and combining of two unique charts to bring forth an understanding of a relationship. It can be done between two friends, lovers, business partners, companies, countries, or any combination of the above, so long as two accurate birth times are supplied. 

If you are seeking more clarity on the specific gifts, kinks, and roadblocks of a particular relationship, a synastry consultation will help immensely. We will unearth the "soul" of the relationship - the essence, purpose and mission of the connection. Synastry is especially beneficial for exploring why two people or entities should be together, and can indicate when a connection has run its course or is simply encountering a dip. I investigate timings of events, uncovering the unfolding of specific energies within the relationship. My unique spin on this traditional Astrology reading is to infuse it with a relationship-specific Tarot spread, which adds significant symbolic and intuitive perspective.

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