"The Star Map" - Astrology Reading

"The Star Map" - Astrology Reading

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60 or 90 Minute Astrology Reading. Discount Offered For Returning Clients.

For new clients of Apex: In this initial meeting we will discuss your current experience of life as it relates to your natal birth chart, or “Star Map” as I like to call it. If you’ve had your natal chart done before, this may feel a little different. Contrary to other astrologers, I won’t just give you a one-way summation of your chart. Instead, we’ll have a two-way dialogue about your current challenges and desires, working together to better understand how your individual chart can clarify your next step.

For pre-existing clients of Apex: We will dig into specific issue or challenge you are facing and use our previous work with your natal chart to direct our exploration. This session is particularly useful if you have a goal you are working on or set of changes you would like to make over a upcoming period of time, as we will be able to strategize your next moves and synchronize them with the astrological patterns currently in place.

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